About Best Of Lincoln

The KFOR Best of Lincoln has always been "the people's choice" award since its inception in 1985. Again this year, KFOR utilized Spartan Polling, an internet-focused consumer opinion market research firm, to conduct the survey. During the month of June,we asked you to go to any one of our six stations' web sites and click on the "Best of Lincoln" link. This led you directly to the Best of Lincoln on-line survey.

  • Food

    According to the people of Lincoln, click here for the BEST places to go for Lincoln’s best steak to pizza to pie…and more.

  • Misc Services

    This category covers everything else from banks to wineries…to party supplies to fine jewelry. Check out the BEST of "a little bit of everything".

  • Food Shopping

    If you’re in the market for the best bakery, or want to know where to go for produce, click here to see Lincoln's BEST.

  • Automotive

    If you’re shopping for a new or used automobile, or need one serviced or fixed, click here to see what the people of Lincoln chose as the BEST.

  • Restaurants

    If you’re in the mood for Mexican, Italian, BBQ or even a coffee shop, dine where the Lincolnites chose as the BEST.

  • Health & Fitness

    If you’re in need of a dentist, physical therapist, home health care provider or even a pharmacy, see who the people of Lincoln chose as the BEST.

  • Home & Garden

    You’ll find everything from apartments to retirement communities to dry cleaners in this category. It is the BEST in home and garden living information for you.